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Welcome to the MXInfo web site!
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About Materials Exchanges

A material exchange is an operation that enables industrial process wastes, by-products, surpluses, or materials that do not meet specifications to be transferred from one company to another company where they are used as a process input.

Frequently Asked Questions about Materials Exchange Operations

The FAQ is currently under development. Would you like to submit a question or comment? Use our contact form.

Materials Exchange Conferences

Since 1983, every 2-3 years, materials exchange managers from all over the country gather together to share information with each other. To learn more, visit our managers page.

The opening presentation for the 2005 conference is available:

These previous materials exchange conference proceedings are also available online:

Additional Materials Exchange Documents

These additional documents have been converted to electronic format for this web site:

Database of Operating Materials Exchanges

You can view, sort and download the entire materials exchange database.

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