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Name State Country
Material Stock Exchange   INDIA  
Ontario Waste Materials Exchange   CANADA  
Alabama Material Exchange AL   USA  
Green Calgary Alberta   Canada  
Arizona Resource Exchange AZ   USA  
GARWER srl BO   Italia  
California Materials Exchange (CalMax) CA   USA  
Los Angeles County Materials Exchange CA   USA  
NapaMax CA   USA  
Sonoma County Materials Exchange CA   USA  
Ventura County Material Exchange (VCMAX) CA   USA  
Colorado Materials Exchange (COMEx) CO   USA DC   United States  
2Good2Waste Delaware   United States  
Alachua Exchange FL   USA  
Southern Waste Information Exchange, Inc. FL   USA  
EnviroShare GA   USA  
Maui Recycling Group, Inc. (Aloha Shares) HI   USA  
Iowa Waste Exchange IA   USA  
National Assn. for the Exchange of Industrial Resources IL   USA  
Indiana Materials Exchange IN   USA  
Kentucky Industrial Materials Exchange KY   USA  
Transcontinental Materials Exchange LA   USA  
Maine Materials Exchange (M2X) ME   USA  
The Scrap Box MI   U.S.A.  
Minnesota Materials Exchange MN   USA  
Twin Cities Free Market MN   USA  
Industry Online Central MO   USA  
Montana Material Exchange MT   USA  
Dutch Waste Marketplace Muiden   The Netherlands  
NC WasteTrader NC   USA  
The Scrap Exchange NC   USA  
Nebraska Materials Exchange Program NE   USA  
ARRnetwork New South Wales   Australian  
Morris County MUAs Material Exchange Program NJ   USA  
New Jersey Industrial Waste Information Exchange NJ   USA  
Trenton Materials Exchange NJ   USA  
Nova Scotia Materials Exchange Nova Scotia   Canada  
Association for Resource Conservation NY   USA  
donateNYC NY   USA  
NY Biomass Trader NY   USA  
Waste Management Commodiites Exchange NY   USA  
Mahoning Valley Materials Exchange OH   USA  
OMEx: Ohio's Materials Exchange OH   USA  
Orphan (FREE) Chemical Recycling Program OH   USA  
Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio OH   USA  
South Dayton Waste Exchange OH   USA  
The Interchange OH   USA  
Wastelink, Division of Tencon, Inc. OH   USA Ontario   Canada  
Partners in Project Green Ontario   Canada  
RecycleXchange Ontario   Canada Ontario   Canada  
Portland Chemical Consortium OR   USA  
Pennsylvania Material Trader PA   USA  
Philly Reuses Exchange PA   USA  
Waste X change, Inc. PR   USA  
Second Cycle Inc. Quebec   Canada  
Stobec Inc. Quebec   CANADA  
Southern New England Materials Exchange RI   USA  
WasteHub RI   USA  
MERSI San Jose   Costa Rica Inc. Texas   USA  
Tennessee Materials Exchange TN   USA  
Resource Exchange Network for Eliminating Waste (RENEW) TX   USA  
WasteNot Recycling, Inc. VA   USA  
Vermont Business Materials Exchange VT   USA WA   USA  
Industrial Materials Exchange (IMEX) WA   USA  
Business Materials Exchange of Wisconsin WI   USA  
One Site Market WI   USA  
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